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Information Gathering

OSINT Framework



Searching Shodan For Fun And Profit

  • city: find devices in a particular city
  • country: find devices in a particular country
  • geo: you can pass it coordinates
  • hostname: find values that match the hostname
  • net: search based on an IP or /x CIDR
  • os: search based on operating system
  • port: find particular ports that are open
  • before/after: find results within a timeframe

Security Header

SSL Labs

Social Searcher

Google Hacking filetype:html -filetype:html
intitle:"index of" "backup"

Google Hacking Database

Source Code Public

About searching on GitHub

in:file web user:leecybersec
gitleaks -v -r=


Netcraft’s DNS search:

"site report":


marketplace search site
marketplace info recon/domains-hosts/bing_domain_web
marketplace install recon/domains-hosts/bing_domain_web
modules load recon/domains-hosts/bing_domain_web
options set source


theHarvester -d -b google


python3 -u 'linkedin-username' -n <domain> -c <company-name>